Total Erase

Is one key-button enough to ensure the complete erasure of your data?

BIANATT, realizing the urgent need for safe data destruction and management of produced waste, created TOTAL ERASE.


TOTAL ERASE is an integrated data destruction program, both in electronic and paper form.

TOTAL ERASE ensures the deletion, degaussing and shredding of any electronic data storage means (hard disks, USBs, CDs, DVDs, etc.), in a way that any information leak or retrieval is impossible.


In the case of data on paper, documents are shredded by the use of special equipment, at a level which prevents any kind of reproduction, by any means (safety level P7).


What is provided by TOTAL ERASE

  • Use of special equipment for the destruction of storage media (electronic and paper)

  • Specially equipped vehicle for data destruction at your facility, achieving added security and minimizing transportation cost

  • Highly trained staff

  • Destruction certificate, with information for the destruction date, storage media type, destruction method and supervisor.

  • Certified management of waste produced by the physical destruction of storage media.

TOTAL ERASE is the only program which assumes the destruction of your files up until the final stage of waste management, according to the standards set by the European legislation.